About Me

About Me

Emily Alvarenga

After being given the opportunity to study abroad for a year in London back in 2015, I realized I cannot wait to get out and explore the world. What will really make me happy is searching for stories that mean something to me. I want to write stories that help people make tough decisions, like my story explaining each of the 17 propositions on the ballot in California during the 2017 elections, and stories that affect change, like my project that helped San Diego residents realize the impact they have on the marine mammal population in their area. My knack for storytelling is what inspired me to become a journalist, but it’s my thirst for adventure that made me who I am today. Now, as I return home to California after living in England and traveling through Europe for the past two years, I feel more prepared than ever to start my career as a journalist.

Some of my specialties include:
• Proposing relevant, new story angles and ideas
• Writing and editing for various platforms including print, online and broadcast
• Creating multimedia news packages including videos, stills, text and infographics
• Utilizing social media and SEO analytical tools to enhance a story
• HTML and CSS coding
• Graphic design using Adobe Creative Cloud
• Conversant in English, Spanish and Portuguese

When I’m not hard at work on a story for The Santa Clarita Valley Signal, I enjoy all things Disney, traveling with my 4-year-old pup and snowboarding.

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